Re: [gardeners] Ring of brown grass beyond drip line

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 14:17:09 -0400

Hi Allen,

We've been having a rather bad drought for us this year, but I've never seen
what you're talking about.  Is it fairly common in your area?
BTW, I live in Matt's part of the country.

Coastal Carolina where Bonnie has taken care of the current drought.
I really do feel for those people in Texas who have had such a severe
drought and then all this flooding!

>Hi Matt,
>    Have you been having drought problems followed by heavy or persistant
>rain? Just guessing but something like a lot of or a concentration of
>tannic acid from the oaks' drip line might be the cause.
>Bastrop Co.,Tx
>penny x stamm wrote:
>> Matt, at what time of year does this brown grass appear, or was
>> it there when they moved in...?
>> I have two gurus locally who might be able to assist.
>> Penny, NY
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