[gardeners] Aurora

Terry King (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 08:42:41 -0600

Did any of you other northerners see the Aurora last night?  It was 
incredable!!!  I haven't seen it extend so far south since 1990-`91.  I bet Liz 
and Margaret could have seen it too if it was dark enough around their 
places.  It seemed to be at a peek about 12:30 am my time but I was up 
again briefly at 4:30 and it was still going.  Odd thing this time it was more 
white than green. 

I just watched a show the other day about Solar Storms and it said the 
aurora was caused by energy from solar bursts encountering the earths 
atmosphere and that the color was determine by the type of oxygen the 
energy invigorated.  

Radio resception, even on the shortwave receiver, was very lousy last night.  
Makes me wonder, if the energy was that intense, if it had anything to do 
with the satallite rocket explosion yesterday.