Re: [gardeners] Dogwoods

penny x stamm (
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 22:37:36 EDT

Hi, Donna --  I also am having young dogwood tree serious problems.

The 3 we put in the back yard came in this spring with some flowers, 
and then all developed some kind of fungus. 

The one we planted in the front yard also bloomed, but 1/3rd of the tree
never leafed out. Right after this, the leaves deteriorated, and this
was diagnosed as anthracnose.

I sprayed with Benomyl, later on with Mancozeb. I got a professional
to come and spray them with Banimax (Banner), which we are not allowed
to use. They goofed up, and did not return for 8 weeks for another
of Banimax. 

They did send leaf samples up to the lab in Connecticut and the report
came back that the trees lacked nutrients, and also required more
spraying. It turned out that all the root balls were almost solid sand,
of course holds neither enough water nor chemicals. 

We have liquid fertilized the trees on July 15th or so. This end of
1 tree in back has dropped all its leaves; one still retains half; and
looks fairly respectable. The tree in front with the anthracnose has
half its leaves still on. They look fair -- better than at first, but not
Half of the tree is dead.  The selling nursery said they would discuss
trees with me this September. They have been in the ground for two years.

I do know that there is a great deal of dogwood anthracnose in the 
northeast -- I didn't think it had spread down to North Carolina --
a big worry.  Before I bought these four, I was advised that a good spray
program would prevent anthracnose -- but it did not work. If mine don't 
survive, I will not replace them with the same thing. 

Penny, NY, zone 6

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