Re: [gardeners] Hurricane Bonnie

Allen and Judy Merten (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:41:52 -0500

Hi Penny,
    We did get a total of 9/10ths. We were hoping for more, but certainly
not what fell on those poor people along the Rio Grande.
    I hope that you have heard from your grandson by now and that every
thing is ok.
    Judy and I are relieved that all of our children and grandchildren
are now 250 miles inland.
Bastrop Co.,Tx

penny x stamm wrote:

> Allen, my grandson and his Dad live in South Carolina, and we
> have not heard from either one as yet. This is nail biting week,
> all right.
> I'm certainly glad that Bonnie has a generator -- for now, with
> the storm stalled nearby, I know she's in for extra trouble. We
> can only repeat our hopes for both Bonnie and Matt's families
> that their trauma will be reasonable.
> Has the fierce rainy weather hitting Texas sent any of its moisture
> over to help your drought?
> Penny, NY
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