Re: [gardeners] Uh oh....

Marianne Lepa (
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 06:03:49 -0400

At 04:17 PM 8/27/98, George wrote:
>How fast can you pack and move? ;-)

My lease isn't up until May and I've got too many houseplants to take a
midnight flier! Hopefully a good old Canadian winter will be too much for
it. It is for most things. :-)

I must say though, that Chefini sure puts out a nice zuchinni. The flavour
is excellent and the colour is quite good, a nice dark green that shows
well in relish and breads. Even though I only had the one plant, it put out
plenty of male flowers so that there were no pollination problems. I'm
quite pleased with the San Marzanos too. From a dozen plants, so far I've
put down a quart of paste, 24 pints of sauce and I've frozen a few dozen
'beauties'. That with the field mice taking tastes from the low hanging
ones and a little difficulty with blossom end rot early in the harvest.

I'll just have to remember to give them more room next year... 

Southeastern Ontario AgCan zone 5b