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Catharine, dump outlook, download Eudora for free from the net.  Be sure to
erase from regedit too.

Outlook lasted about 20 minutes on my computer; Access went soon after.
There was even an internet mail program and newsreader in addition to
those, and that did last several months.......then it froze up and would
only download, not delete read messages.  That was about the time I heard
of Gates' spy-chip, so it went to.  I now have Eudora alone with PGP, if I
ever feel I need it.  Haven't so far.

Microsoft just never works the way it's supposed to.  I think Gates has a
nice desktop with windows, but he should leave the more complex stuff to
people who do it better, which is almost anyone else.

There's also Pegasus from Tucows.  That's supposed to be good too.

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>>I'm gnashing teeth trying to get Outlook98 to behave. Noticed that it
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>>other mail I get. Is Outlook being flaky? Or is this list set up differently
>>than others I >belong< to?
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