Re: [gardeners] A postage stamp garden

penny x stamm (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 23:45:28 -0400

Margaret, yes -- my local Korean Mama/Papa "convenience store" 
makes and sells kim chee made from Chinese cabbage. They call
the cucumber kim chee "oi", and it is bottled separately and tastes
MUCH less hot.    If one keeps it for several weeks, however, it gets
hotter and hotter, and the cukes change from "new pickles" to 
"old pickles", losing their green. I have no idea if the kim chee gets
hotter and hotter, because I only eat it in a Korean restaurant, but
never buy it. The pickles, however, are a passionate favorite, but
only for the first 10 days, no more. 

In my Korean cookbook, "Home Style Korean Cooking" by Cho Joong OK,
the cabbage kimchi (Yang-Baechu Tong Kimchi) has one more ingredient
than the oi, namely salted shrimp (Saewu-Jeot), tiny shellfish in
seasoning. That would account for quite a difference in flavor....

I have no car for the next 9 days, but after that, I shall search for the
as you described it. The notation is sitting in my purse!  Thanks for the


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