[gardeners] Labor Day

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 21:43:46

An uneventful day for Miz Anne, Sleepy Dawg, and myself. Slept all the way
to 0700 this morning, unusual for us, Sleepy generally gets us up and out
by 0600. The recently planted radishes are up and today we put down 9
cabbage plants, 9 broccoli and 9 cauliflower plants. They're selling them
in 9 packs now, not bad. Also planted the carrots.

Yesterday we got a nice little rain, about 1/4 inch if that. Today, or
rather this evening, we got about the same amount. The nicely tilled garden
looks good with natural moisture on it. Still behind in rainfall for the
year but reckon the trees will live now that we are getting moderate
amounts of rain. Eat your heart out Allen! Really would like to send some
of this to those of you still suffering drought but we need it too. 

Miz Anne went out this afternoon late and got a carload of horse manure so
we're well fixed for that commodity for awhile. These folks raise race
horses and bed them on rice hulls, makes a nice composting mix. Probably
will borrow my buddy Sam's new GMC truck and go get some more tomorrow.
He's making noises like he wants to garden a bit so we get to use his truck
for hauling stuff. Gotta get him to go with me to get about 30 cinder
blocks first though.

We're all fed, bathed, and ready to hit the sack. Hope everyone had a very
good holiday and a good weekend.