[gardeners] Perennials for the south

Matt Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 09 Sep 1998 23:51:23 -0400

 I'm gardening in a friends yard now, with lots of flowers. Most of my
work, and personal choices, have been towards bright white variegated
foliage, evergreens, and grasses. Other than some russian sage(floppy from
too much shade), veronica, moonbeam coreopsis, iris, mums, and 4 o'clocks,
vinca(annual), pansies(annual) my flower palette is just about zero.
 They already have blackeyed susans (and their not crazy about them, except
for their survival rate), Coneflower, some salvias(melt in the humidity, do
I need to do a scree bed?), artimesia's (anyone got the name for the one
thats 3 feet tall and silver with filigree silver foliage?) and some dianthus.
 They do a lot of different zinnia's and cosmos every year. Maybe 50% of
their plantings.

 I just dropped off a Milagers catalog (based in Wisconsin), and we went
through "that might not work well here" more times than I want to consider.
 I'm going to get White flower Farms catalog for the south, and any others
anyone recommends.

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