Re: [gardeners] Wednesday

Margaret Lauterbach (
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:42:49 -0600

>I've lived in the Inland Northwest since 1990 and we haven't had a 
>normal winter yet.  Winters have been warmer than normal.  Pullman, 
>WA hasn't gotten below 0F in that time -- something positively 
>unheard of.  In fact, it's only had a handful of days, about 30 or 
>so, that the temperature got below 10F.  I'm hoping that we can make 
>it one more winter before the usual cold sets in -- I don't have a 
>single bit of winter clothing and really don't want to have to spend 
>big bucks on something to get me through sub-zero days.  It's the 
>fact that I am completely unprepared for cold weather than makes me 
>believe we really will have a frigid winter.  :-)
1990 was the last winter our temps dropped below minus 20 degrees.  Didn't
Pullman get cold your first winter?  Buy some sweats if it turns cold, Liz.
 How low are you planning on going?  Margaret