Re: [gardeners] Sonic devices

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:40:26 -0400

There are people here that swear  by them too.  We have a lot of deer here,
and although I drive a lot, with a lot of night driving, I've also never hit
I don't  have one of those devices, but try to be watchful for deer on the
roadside, although I realize that they can come out of nowhere, and jump
right out in front of you.  I've used that example to talk to my children
being very careful when driving to watch for children around the roads, as
can also jump right out in front of you.  My children aren't driving yet,
but I
figure the repetition is good for them :-)


>I gues our deer are different her because those sonic devices seem to panic
>the deer and you don't know which way they are going to run/jump.FWIW
> (Bill & Chris Loke)[Z4/5 on a good day]

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