Re: [gardeners]spotting roadside deer by day

penny x stamm (
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 22:18:47 -0400

Allen, my 23-y-o grandson and his girl moved from suburban 
NYC (where we usually hit mosquitoes) to Spartanburg, S.C.
two years ago. They've been living in a refurbished old farm
house about half an hour north of college and work,  in the 
wilderness of a lonely peach orchard.

He was nailing together wooden doors for the barn back of the 
house they rented, so he could have doors behind which he
could store all his automobile body repair work tools and parts,
when he hit his own thumb by mistake. Mashed it. 

Nothing he could do but to get in the car and head for the 
hospital in town -- only along the way a deer jumped out onto the 
road in front of his car, and the deer was instantly killed. Of course,
he did hit the door and fender the boy had just finished restoring....

So he stopped the car, dragged the deer over to the side, and then
took himself off to the police station before the hospital, to report the

problem. Nobody cared except the Yankee.....  everyone just said why
don't you take the deer home and butcher it, for heaven's sake!  Now
that boy could repair the stove-in front end of your car so it looked
new -- but there was no way that he could butcher a deer. So he left
it for the mountain lions and hawks to devour -- or whatever did come
along and make off with it....  

Penny, NY

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