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Fri, 18 Sep 1998 09:23:22

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>Thanks for the information, but I must have thrown out that Sunset too.  I
>hope the rest of the day turns out better than the first of it, because
>it's starting out like shit.  A friend sent me an electronic birthday card
>that damned near crashed my system.  It did get my heart started, and I
>haven't calmed down yet.  It's still too dark to clean the greenhouse
>because I can't see the cobwebs yet, and I can't get started on peach jam
>because Chuck is still here.  When he leaves it's like a tornado through my
>tiny kitchen.  I've finished my column, forgot to single space it before I
>saved it, and that's a big muggin' mess if I have to try to re-save it, but
>I won't know if it'll cause problems this way until after the newspaper
>office opens about 95 minutes from now. 

Boy, it runs in groups doesn't it. I was complaining to my ISP about no web
access for more than 24 hours, had success contacting mail server with
Eudora but Netscape Communicator 4.06 wouldn't do the job. Turns out my
copy was corrupt. Reloaded 4.04 and had great success. Anyway, Happy
Birthday, whenever it is. I only have birthdays once a decade now, gotta
wait until next year for my sixtieth. My 59th is next week so we must both
be Libras.

What word processing program are you using that won't let you go back and
single space your column? Something specific to the paper you write for maybe?
>I'm not generally in the market for heirloom beans because I love my
>Contenders, but I did pick some of the heirloom beans that had been sent to
>me and cooked them with the Contenders and they're outstanding in flavor.
>I will grow them again.  First of all, I guess I'll have to find some
>mature pods to save (I don't think frost will hold off long enough for
>drying on the vine.  Margaret
Ahh, Contenders. I think next spring we'll go back to them. We've grown
them off and on for more than 30 years and laugh at some of the catalogs
that now call Contenders an "heirloom" bean. This year we bought bulk seed
at the feed store, Kentucky Wonder bush green beans. Always before when we
grew Kentucky Wonders they were climbers. It may have been our droughty
climate in the spring but they were super producers with very good flavor.
I still prefer the taste and growth habits of the Contender though.

We're awaiting word of our next Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane. Don't know
what we'll do with more rain as we got an additional 2 inches yesterday and
the weather folks are predicting more for the weekend. It appears to be
coming off the Gulf in bands and each band is loaded with water. We've
never had water stand on our property but the southwest corner, about 20
square feet of it, has about 2 inches standing water now. The neighbor
behind us has almost 4 inches standing water in his yard and all the
ditches and culverts are full. Don't have to worry about flooding as we're
pretty high up for a coastal community. What is happening is that it rains
heavily then the sun comes out and it goes up to 90F again, cooking our
transplants and the seedlings in the "fall" garden. Oh well, we've had to
replant before.

George, home with the pup listening to Diane Schuuk sing jazz.