[gardeners] Good Consistency

Matt Trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 21:40:17 -0400

Had to share this one with you.
 Cynthia's 23 year old niece is here in Surry, Va. to visit for several
weeks. One of the things I needed to do this week was add a yard of aged
cow manure to the back veggie bed.
 Later that evening Cyn was asking if the manure was old enough and I was
going on about what a great consistency it had. Cyn's neice was looking at
me like I was nuts. <VBG>

on another note,
 I needed to get their tubeless wheelbarrow tire pumped up, it was
completely flat and away from the rim. If you try to inflate it the air
just goes right out the other side. I had an old wheelbarrow at home that
was the same way.
 While mentioning this to my father inlaw several weeks ago, he told me of
a trick he had heard about.
 Clean off the tire sidewall and the rim. Take a piece of wire or rope long
enough to go around the outside of the tire tread. Pull the ends of the
wire together. This will compress the center of the tire, and press the
sidewalls against the rim. Fill the tire to 3-5 pounds, or just enough to
keep the tire sidewall against the rim. Remove the wire. Then fill the tire
to 30 pounds.
 It works great!

low 80's and partly sunny, gotta love it
Have a good one,

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