Re: [gardeners] Dark and gonna get wet

George Shirley (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 13:13:04

Thanks to all that wished us well. At the current time looks like the coast
from Morgan City, LA eastward is gonna catch hell. The sun came out here,
no rain yet, but the storm is not supposed to hit land until Monday
morning. Feel sorry for all the folks who had to evacuate the low-lying
areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. Much as we love salt water and the
beach I would never live there permanently. In nearly 38 years of marriage
we have lost a) two beach cabins; b) an entire lot (now about 150 feet out
in the Gulf); c) my folks lost a cabin; d) my aunt lost a cabin; e) my
sister lost two cabins. Did I mention we're all slow learners? Now we live
inland and rent beach cabins for a week or two a year.

Dinner was good, ever watch an eighteen year old man (to big to call a kid
anymore) scarf up a whole hogs worth of ribs? Miz Anne did the tempura
thing on some lagenaria gourd and it was delish.


At 12:36 PM 9/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>We're all set, got the propane bottles filled, plenty of water on hand for
>>drinking, cooking, and flushing, went over and fueled the neighbors
>>generator as he is out of town. Lots of home canned goods, oil lamps are in
>>place, plenty of batteries for the portable radios, etc. Now, anyone got
>>any ideas for possibly hand-cranking a computer? <BG>
>Been there, done all that George!  Good luck with the storm.  Hope all is
>with y'all and your loved ones, and hope that no one is seriously hurt there
>during the storm.  Our prayers are with y'all.
>>Gonna BBQ some pig ribs today as the teenaged grandkids are here. Deep fry
>>them a little battered gourd (as long as they don't know what it is they'll
>>eat darn near anything), big pot of green beans with various herbs and
>>spices, a little pasta with pesto for those of us more interested in
>>quality than quantity, and a lot of love to share. Y'all come.
>>George, life is good
>What time is dinner?  ;-)
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