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Mon, 28 Sep 1998 06:29:57 -0400

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> Hi there!
>I`m Vlado from Bulgaria. Any members from the Gardens list?
Hello Vlado,

I'm a lurker on the Gardens-L.  I'm guessing most everyone else on this
list is on Gardens-L.

I garden in Northern Michigan.  If you look at a Michigan map, it's the
state that looks like a hand, I live in the area that looks like the little
finger.  I'm located fairly close to Lake Michigan, and that causes a lot
of different weather than most others that live on the same parrallel (I
live on the 45th parrallel).  For instance, in the winter I get a lot more
snow.  Spring time is cooler.  In summer, I get cooling breezes from the
Lake, and in Fall it stays warmer a little bit longer.

I grow a lot of flowers and perennials, and this year tried a few veges.  I
was very happy with my garden this year.  Right now it is the beginning of
Fall, and for the most part, only a few annuals are still showing some
color... and of course the Rudbeckia's (Black-eyed Susan's) are doing well.
 This was my fourth season gardening at this home.  Still a lot of things
to do in the gardening years to come.

I save a lot of annual seeds and will eventually post a list... I have a
few things growing in my yard that came from others on this list... and
I've a few things that came from my yard growing in other places in the
U.S.  I would love to send you some flower seed, then I could say I have a
bit of a garden in Bulgaria :-)


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