Re: [gardeners] sand/cockle burs

Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 01:21:12 -0500

Hi Holly,
    You have already named about all the options that there are for
getting rid of them. I even tried keeping them mowed so that they
couldn't make the seed/sticker. They just developed seed stems that laid
close to the ground. So I keep digging them up when ever I find them.
    Bastrop Co.,Tx.
    Zone 8
    Wildscape #1071 wrote:

> I am looking for an effective way to get rid of sand burs or cockle
> burs.  I do not want to use chemicals, there are too many to dig out,
> and we can't burn them out either.  Is there anything that will choke
> them out?  The area these weeds are growing on is sand and it gets
> real hot due to a lack of shade.  Please give me any ideas or
> suggestions.  My family can hardly stand going out to the garden this
> time of year do to the hazard.
> Thanks,
> holly zone 5