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Wed, 30 Sep 1998 14:39:07

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><<  Would someone who has recently joined mind telling the rest
> > > of us how you found out about gardeners.
>I read about this list on the Gardens list.
>I garden, Vegetables and flowers, also have a greenhouse for starting
>seedling.Not anything *fancy*  do I grow...just the average *garden type*
>varities. also have a Pond, so am intrested in watering gardening. 
>We, hubby and I are retired( so you know we aren't young) . We stay busy with
>our gardening among other intrest in Upstate South Carolina.
Welcome Marie. Some of us are retired and some aren't, some of us are older
than others but don't say to much about it. All of us garden in one way or
another. I, too, am a veggie gardener but the wife, Miz Anne, do like her
flowers and has a green thumb up to about the elbow if not higher. I want a
pond but don't know where I would put it on this city lot. Think you are
our first acknowledged member from South Carolina but we have several from
North Carolina.