Re: [gardeners] Hostas

Kathy Kennedy (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 22:40:56 -0500 (CDT)

My favorite hosta is Elegans, a Sieboldi hosta.  The leaves are big,
corrugated, blue-green, and sow bugs and slugs don't bother Elegans at my
house.  I think it's because the leaves and stems are very fibrous.  Other
hostas in the same bed have been chewed to the ground, never to come back.

I also like the good old Royal Standard, which does well for me, and has
blooms that smell nice.

I don't think I've ever seen Paul's Glory.

Kathy K, mid-Missouri, zone 5

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Barbara Jackson wrote:

> I guess if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Paul's Glory.  The color
> just floored me.  Can't pass the bed without admiring it.  Also, it's the
> ony one the s**gs haven't eaten!
> Barb
> Barbara Jackson
> "Sunny" Manitoba
> Zone 3
> At 19:18 30/09/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >Still looking for some hosta favorites.  Would love to hear from you Chris
> >from Braintree, MA Zone 5
> >