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Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 16:27:28 -0500

Hi Kim,
    Us southern folk like fried green tomatos, like the movie of the
same name.
Batter green tomato slices like you would fried chicken or catfish
filets and
fry them until golden brown. Have lots of ketchup on hand. The fried
tomatos have a delightful tart taste,
happy eating!
	If you have green tomatos that you want to ripen all you have to  do is
pick 'em bring them inside and let them turn red at room temp. Some
folks put them in a window sill but its not necessary.
Bastrop Co.,Tx
Zone 8

Kim Cook wrote:

> Bill Loke wrote:
> > My cherry toms split as well. It's a condition known as growth cracks.
> > Usually occurs later in the season as temperatures and moisture conditions
> > start to vary widely.
> I had cracking occur only in my Brandy wines this year...after 3 weeks of
> drought followed by a week of rain...not hard to figure that one out,
> eh?...circular around the tops, quite alot...and Brandywines *are*
> ugly...but good...<grin>
> The Romas and cherries were fine.  Also just ripening now...a bit late for
> my climate...
> Hmmmm...what if I pull up my "Whippersnapper" cherry toms, and hang them
> upside down?...will they ripen that way?...I think I read it somewhere...
> Any good ideas for using green tomatos?...other than chow or relish?...
> Thanks all...
> Cheers!
> Kim.  -sheesh, it's cold and rainy today...have to go light the woodstove.
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