RE: [gardeners] garlic/onions

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 18:13:14 -0400

Allen wrote:

Re: [gardeners] garlic/onions
I had thought about planting them in
the garden and letting them grow until May or June. Will that work? I had
thought about buying some 1015 transplants and comparing the seed grown
with the transplants to see if there is any difference come harvest time.


I would think that would work well. Only reason I have to start the seed
under lights due to winter temps. In Atlanta.

 It sounds like you are an onion monster
like me. I love onions, eat them raw, cooked what ever. Read not to long ago
that they are actually a health food.

Life without onions would be sorry, indeed. I am  a monster and proud of it

    You are near Atlanta, Ga. aren't you? Did yall get lots of rain from
Georges? Do you have the red soil that is so common across the south?

Only got a small amount of rain....wish we had gotten more, since were still
very dry for the year. The water table is way, way down and bodes poorly for
this winter, since it's predicted we will have a warm and dry winter. Bugs
will love it.

I am less than a mile from the Chattahoochee, and less than 1/2 block from
the starting point for Sandy Springs. As a result I have generally decent
soil...fairly sandy clay loam. After three years of working it (adding lots
and lots of organic material), I have 2-3 feet of "fluff" in the areas I
have worked hardest to improve.

The back end of the property is totally unimproved....a great wildlife
habitat with deep spongy layer of genuine forest floor topsoil. I'd estimate
that Mother Nature has been left alone to do her thing since the end of the
Late Unpleasantness. Every one in a while I go and sneak a bit of this
gorgeous "dirt" to add to a planting hole. I am generally extremely careful
not to disturb my little patch of genuine organics!