Re: [gardeners] poison ivy & hostas

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 07:36:34 -0600

At 07:20 PM 10/1/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Dear Allen and others on list,
>  Thanks so much for the tip for the poison ivy relief.  I shall be 
>giving them a call tomorrow!  (I assume this is a topical treatment?)  
>The prednisone is not doing a thing for the itching, but it did help my 
>sinuses recover from the ragweed pollen.  The weathermen tell us that we 
>are having record ragweed pollen counts this summer.  I've tried 
>Calamine,  Calamine mixed with Aveeno Oatmeal Bath, steroid creams, but 
>can honestly say that I've never tried Prep H....I imagine that it is 
>the 1% hydrocortisone inside of the cream that gave some relief.  Has 
>anyone had luck with the new preventive creams that are out on the 
>market nowadays?  Just as sunscreens prevent a sunburn, these new creams 
>are supposed to block the poison ivy from getting onto the skin.
>  The hosta website listed in yesterdays list is just outta this world. 
>Great pictures, lots of varieties, easily organized site.  I encourage 
>everyone to visit it. Made me want to run right out and plant some 
>hostas but I can't quit from itching...
>  Clavery 
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Wow! The medical community is hot to trot out the steroids, isn't it?  When
a friend who had had a recent heart transplant was given prednisone, I told
his wife to watch out because it would make him excessively thirsty, then
he'd widdle across the floor.  I knew because my little dog
(pomeranianXpapillon) was on prednisone.  He was very embarrassed about the
squiggly wet trail he left across the carpet.  We never punished or scolded
him for that, BTW.  My sister-in-law was given steroids when she was unable
to shake a sickness acquired by brushing against a weed (I think bull
thistle), then she had to have cataract surgery in her early 40s thanks to
the effect of the steroids.  What ever happened to aspirin?  Margaret