Re: [gardeners] tacky yard art

Allen and Judy Merten (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 10:22:35 -0500

Hi Cynthia,
    The "cement geese" comment made me remember about a man whose veddy upscale
neighborhood is taking him to court on account of the near 100 pink plastic
flamingos he has in the front and side yards of his house in Austin, Tx.
     Another big tacky fad around these parts are the silhouettes of ma and pa
bent over working the flower bed etc. All you see is from the feet to the
prominent buttocks, clothed of course. I guess its a quaint way to say "kiss my
    Bastrop Co.,Tx
    Zone 8

Cynthia Mayeaux wrote:

> At 07:03 AM 10/1/98 +0000, you wrote:
> ><snip>
> > At any rate, Prik y nu (ya gotta sound it out -- no two references
> >spell it the same way) are the tiny, hotter than Hades chiles that
> >are used in the hotter varieties of Thai foods.  They run maybe 1/2
> >inch long.  Mini-ristra material.  If you're interested let me know
> >and I'll see if I can scrape togethor some seeds.
> >
> <snip>>
> >Liz
> >
> Hi Liz, and thanks for the offer.  Yes, keep me in mind when these seeds
> are ready.  If you have a few left over I'll be happy to take them.  As I
> mentioned before, I have a ton of annual seeds that I'm starting to process...
> My neighbor grew some habenero's this year and I made a few batches of
> chile sauce with them.  Very tasty.   The Hab's do not seem to dry well
> when strung up.  They get all black and nasty from the inside out.
> Anyway... ristra's do not seem to be much in evidence in my neck of the
> woods, everyone is still stuck on the (ugh) kuntry bunny rag dolls and
> dressing up stupid cement geese.  I plan to start a new era in the midwest
> and sell edible home decor...hmmm now that I think of it.... aren't bunnies
> edible (oh gosh I can't believe I said that....please, bunny pet owners....
> no flames.... just a joke).
> When (if) you have seeds ready to go drop me a line and I'll get a SASE in
> the mail to you.
> Cynthia (who protected her 7 gourds last night... have you ever seen gourds
> hanging from the vine wearing knitted stocking caps?...quite colorful)
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