Re: [gardeners] re: Dumb Question now New House

Rosemary Carlson (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 20:05:06 -0400

I'm sorry, Vicki - I didn't mean to be discouraging! Your area of the world
may very well be different than mine and people might be looking for
different things. I'm sure my house will sell - probably soon due to the
market here - but it will have to be to the right buyer - who likes to
garden - or who understands that perennials are MUCH lower maintenance than
just pretty beds of brightly colored annuals - or, God forbid - GRASS.

I, too, thought the gardens would help sell my house. And maybe they WILL
help in your area of the world. However, people look at my gardens and say
that they are beautiful.......but THEN they say they don't want the
maintenance.......and I try to explain........generally to no avail. 

My advice to you would be to talk to both a realtor or someone who gardens
and has recently sold a house and get their opinion.

Rosemary in Lexington, KY
zone 6a

At 04:46 PM 10/2/98 -0700, you wrote:
>This is not good to hear, Rosemary. I'm putting my house up for sale next
>spring and thought the gardens would help sell the house. So instead of
>doing stellar work out there this past season to make it look nearly
>perfect next spring, I should have been ripping everything out and
>planting grass. Lord but I hate grass! Don't people know it takes more
>work in the long run. It's got to be mowed weekly, fertilized, and
>watered. My perennial gardens take a lot less work than all that. 
> This is all so discouraging.
>Vicki in Seattle