Re: [gardeners] Grass *is* low maintenace (but I hate it)

George Shirley (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 15:32:44

At 11:08 AM 10/3/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Don't tell my husband that my gardens will make the house harder to sell.
>Actually I am hoping to die in the house and have my children clean it out in
>order to receive their inheritance.  My husband is a finished carpenter who
>lives at lumber stores.  People remove the most wonderful things and replace
>them with new things because they want a change.  He of course brings it
>You would not believe our cellar.  My garden is my therapy.  
Our current home had 12 foot tall wax leaf ligustrums across the back,
liriope in the front, and a dilapidated above ground pool in the back. Told
the owners we would buy if they would take out the pool and the ligustrums
(we're both allergic to blooming ligustrums). They took out the pool but
left about 4 cubic yards of that white marble gravel and gave us a
$1,000.00 cut to pull the ligustrums ourselves. It took 3 years of
handpicking to get all the gravel out, it went to my sisters house as
driveway material, and about 3 days to get the ligustrums out. Tied a rope
on each trunk, tied rope to back of truck we owned then, drove truck away.
Now the back yard has raised gardens, blueberries, sunchokes, fruit trees,
raspberries, etc, etc. Of course we will probably be here until they move
us to MemoryLand or some other boneyard but I'm still adding stuff. Saw the
neatest little preformed pond today. Naw, too early.

George, back on line after an ISP outage