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<< 3. you will make it a LOT easier (and saner) for yourself if you make
 yourself scarce when a realtor comes by with a sales prospect. It's
 masochistic for the seller to ever see a prospect until earnest money
 contracts are written at the earliest! >>

Hi Catharine, I have bought and sold several houses and I find it much easier
if the owners makes themselves scarce when I am looking over the property.
Also I am never around when prospective buyers are looking over mine. Apart
from the fact that buying/selling property is supposed to be as traumatic as
divorce or death, it is better for buyers to be able to discuss with each
other their thoughts on the property without fear of offending the owner. I
have been known to reject a property simply because the owner was too pushy.

As far as having a garden is concerned, one must never loose sight of the fact
that a garden is a very personal thing. It reflects what you want around you
and so may not be to everyone's taste. That being said, as a gardener I would
always be influenced by a property with well laid-out grounds. Think of the
money you will save not having to start from scratch.

Mary in France.