Re: [gardeners] Lemon Drop chiles

George Shirley (
Tue, 06 Oct 1998 10:53:19

At 07:15 AM 10/6/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>>George, these sound interesting.  I've been making some ristra's with some
>>>little red chiles (don't know the name).  Since I've been listening to all
>>>the chile heads 'round here... I want to try more varieties.  Do you know
>>>the latin name for the lemon drops? 
>>Don't have the foggiest idea what the true botanical name is.
>More than likely, it's Capsicum annuum.
>>I'll save you several chiles for seed if you want. Can't guarantee they
>>will breed true though, I had several varieties planted close together and
>>didn't bother to separate them at bloom time. Might have some of the seed I
>>got from Lillian still in the refrigerator, will look and see. Drop me a
>>private email with your snail mail and I'll get them in the mail to you.
>>Any old annual flower seed will do, Miz Anne do love them flowers.
>Well, I have an alleged lemon drop chile plant.  It has one (count 'em,
>one) chile on it, and it's about 1 and 1/2 inches long by 1/2 inch wide.
>No resemblance to a lemon drop, color still green, and Jack Frost is
>breathing down my neck.  

Sounds like a lemon drop, the fruit stays green for the longest time and
then turns bright yellow, almost a chrome yellow. I usually pick a lot of
my chiles at the still green stage in order to maximize output and then let
them fully ripen on the bush for the next batches.

Would you say it's time to rogue out some chiles?
>I would.  My White Fire chile looks like a shishito instead of a Habanero
>that it should look like.  One of my African Devil chiles also looks more
>like a shishito than a prik y nu, and the prik y nu shape and size, I'm
>told, is the right one.  I also have a heavily bearing chile that is
>completely unknown to me.  Tag vanished aeons ago.  I'm going to have to
>search through seed packets and chile descriptions to see if I can identify
>it.  Unfortunately, I also have some chiles that are too long season for
>this area, about four of which are quite large plants.  Dig them up, pot
>and greenhouse them?  Maybe.  How many whiteflies will accompany them?
The lemon drop appears to be another long season chile. I started getting
some green fruit in early August and it took another month for fully ripe
fruit. These are plants I started under the lights in January and set out
in mid-march. I'm going to dig up, pot and greenhouse a couple of chiles,
an eggplant, and at least two tomato plants. May even start another round
of Tumbler tomatoes in the greenhouse. We don't get many whiteflies down
here that I know of. Maybe the cabbage loopers, stink bugs, squash borers
and hornworms eat them. ;-)

George, watching it rain again