[gardeners] Re: How much is too much

SECK138@aol.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 10:06:01 EDT

Trying to get that balance of color is something I am always trying to do.  I
have figured out which plants I need to carry color from spring to fall.  But
how much to plant together is something that is a lot harder to do.  I want
color every where.  But when does it become busy instead of just colorful.
For effective gardening they say mass plantings are good.  But I think you
need a big yard to carry off mass plantings.  I have purple dome aster which
is wonderful but has very dominant coloring.  If I have it only in one spot.
The color just screams at you and your eye doesn't travel the way it should.
If I place in too many spots then you don't appreciate it as much.  You get
that feeling of just more of the same.  But how do you find as strong a purple
this time of year to balance the color.  Would love to hear from you.  Chris
from Braintree, MA  Zone 5