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Rosemary Carlson (
Wed, 07 Oct 1998 17:53:20 -0400

Chris: Try Russian Sage in back of your asters.

Rosemary in rainy Lexington, KY (who hasn't sold her house yet!) :)
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At 05:28 PM 10/7/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Liz Albrook ( Thank you very much for your suggestion.
>I have always had a problem with color.  So I will try your method next year
>of planting similiar colors to tone it down.  I am bored with repeating too
>many plants.  I like my garden to be one of discovery.  What lighter purples
>do you know that bloom this time of year? Other than more asters,  I already
>have a ton.  I love persicaria this time of year because it blooms through
>November with those bright deep pink/red colored plumes.  But it really
>doesn't tone down the purple dome though.  What is also blooming is
>and  I have that in bright white, purple and pink. So I will try that next to
>each other.  The purple eupatorium I do have in several places because it
is a
>very soft color and blends nicely.  The fall blooming daisy I have in white,
>cimicifuga is going into bloom now but is white also.  I can't believe it but
>my ruber centranthus is reblooming (that is same color as persicaria)  This
>has never happened before. Toad lily is in bloom as well as sedum varieties.
>Toad lily has a purple look to it but I keep that in a special place so that
>it gets noticed.  I don't want it overwhelmed by the purple dome aster.  My
>heliopsis is still in bloom.  Been in bloom since June looking a little tired
>now.  I have some pink phlox in bloom still.  This never happens.  Funny
>Chris from Braintree Z5