Re: [gardeners] Bulbs

Penny Nielsen (
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 14:36:41 -0300

Hi Jill - As far as I can remember, I bought more pink tulips, some species ones, some pink and white daffs (never tried these before), oodles of crocus, anemone blanda, allium, and, and .. can't recall the others.

I'm gradually moving red and yellow darwins to the backyard beds.  I love the grape hyacinths and the other minor bulbs too.  I keep digging up several minor bulb clumps as I'm planting others.  My beds too are inundated with forget-me-nots.  I remove great quantities each year but they are still a riot in the spring - a great riot tho.

Forgot, I also bought some pink tulips with green running from the top edge of the blooms.  Can't recall the name of them now.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. dreading winter but looking forward to a riot of colour next spring.

>>> "Jill Fyffe" <> 10/06 11:35 AM >>>

Hi Penny,

What did you buy??

I bought some more 25 double tulips  in shades of pink to rose.  
Also some short little tulips the name escapes me that are only 
suppose to grow 6 in tall.  I was given about 200 red tulips a few 
years ago (50th anniversary(war) Dutch Tulips). . . . then  I was 
given about 50 pink  and 50 "blue" tall late tulips.

I'm not that fussy for red so I planted them in my shrub border and 
that is on the far side of the house so I don't see it easily.  The pink 
and blue plus the yearly extra's I have in my main garden right in 
front of the patio.  Plus I have hundreds of grape hycinths - I really 
like them - plus in the spring I am over run with forget me nots . . . 
mine are mostly blue but I have pink and white as well. . .oh I almost 
forgot also have some "pink" daffoldils.  Normal daffs and yellow and 
white tulips are in the front bedplus some new double striped green 
and white tulips.

I really like spring<g>

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Zone 5