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Hi Marianne

I was thinking about your question when I got home tonight and checked one of my books.  There are so many aster species.  Checked the listing for novi-angliae which is a N. American and it mentions 'September Ruby' a rich rose-crimson (4 ft).  There are also novi-belgii - another N. American species - 'The Cardinal' (4 ft) a deep rose-red and 'Royal Ruby' (18 in) deep red.  Wonder if either of these are the ones you are seeing.

I only have Alma Potschke which is just starting to bloom.  A little late I think and may succumb to frost soon:-(.

I'm interested in hearing what others think it might be.

Penny in Halifax, N.S., zone 5/6a

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Hi all,
Does anyone have a source and/or name for these? "deep RED asters" they
sound beautiful.
Marianne Darke
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>At 09:16 PM 10/7/98 -0300, you wrote:
>>Speaking of fall color and asters...I saw the most incredible deep RED
>>asters in a mag today...(Country Living) at least I thought they were
>>anyone know of these?...they were wonderful...
>>and thanks...
>Yes Kim, I bought some this year... they are gorgeous.  My neighbor put
>some in last fall and this year they are magnificent.  Hers are about 3 ft
>tall and just loaded with the blood red blossoms.  I ran out and got one.
>I also picked up another new colored mum... almost white with pink
>overtones and a casting of yellow in the centers... very beautiful.
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