Re: [gardeners] Who, where

Liz Albrook (
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:24:28 +0000

Rosemary Carlson <> wrote:

> Geez.....don't send information like this to a public mailing list
> for your own protection! Sometime......remind me to tell you what
> happened to ME because of too much info on the Internet. A
> hair-raising tale!
> Rosemary in Lexington, KY who just wants everyone to be safe! 

Rosemary, if you think that what you wrote is any safer than what 
Chris wrote then you better think again.  Your email has your first 
and last names attached and you gave your city and state in your sig 
line.  It took me about 5 seconds to get your street address and 
phone number.  Check out:

If you are really paranoid about it you can work on getting your 
personal information removed from most search engines.  A good 
starting point for that is:

Most (not all) of the web sites that have name/address/number look 
ups have a feature (you gotta search for it) that will allow you to 
have your information removed.  To make people even more paranoid, I 
recently looked up information on someone who's phone is listed in 
another person's name as well as a person who's phone number is 
unlisted.  In both cases I was able to get the correct phone number, 
correct address, and correct name of the person who lived at that 
address in less than 5 minutes.  

Some of the things that even the most computer illiterate person can 
do on the web are:  get lists of names and numbers of everyone on 
your street by entering the name of the street; take your phone 
number and get your name, even if your name doesn't appear in the 
phone book; take your name and get your unlisted number;  take your 
email address and get your unlisted name, unlisted number and a map 
showing how to get to your house.  If you have an email address then 
it's likely that everyone can access information you'd rather they 
didn't have.