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 Mary in France, did you say 6ft 7in...? How does he even fit in
 a public bus...? Or in fact, an automobile...?
 We have a pal who has trouble getting thru our front door, and he
 is only 6ft 3in -- but he's possibly 350 or 400 lbs, don't know. 
 Plenty of energy, just enormous. The greatest thing to watch is
 this man volunteering to change a light bulb outside on my front
 porch -- he simply reaches up and voila! it's done. 
 His sons tower over him....   
 I'm jealous. I've lost 3 inches in height, and now my daughter 
 steers me towards the petite racks. Having been known as
 Powerful Katrinka all my life, I feel the sting.  >>

Hi Penny, cars were/are always a problem. We used to have to take the runner
off the driving seats. Some makes were better than others as they had
adjustable steering wheels. Graham drives a volvo and seems to manange.

It certainly is an advantage to have a tall man around the house, light bulb
changing was a doddle plus lots of other things like putting up the Christmas

I too have shrunk largely due to a bone graft in my spine plus I no longer
have a tall husband to walk beside! In the good old days of stiletto hels I
wore the 6" variety....ah, one's lost youth.

Mary in France.