[gardeners] Friday gardening

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:46:09 -0700

Had a nice gentle rain very early this morning before daybreak. The pup
and I went out on the carport in our jammies and watched it for awhile.
Now the humidity is up and everything is so green it hurts your eyes.

Was gonna harvest a bunch of herbs this morning but they're still wet
and it's threatening more rain. May put it off until tomorrow. Darn!
That means I'll have to do the spell checking, editing and cleaning up
of that 100 plus page document I've been working on. No more

My jicama plants are blooming, have a long purple bloom stalk that the
bees seem to like right well. Will be interested in seeing if they make

Yesterday we saw what I presumed was a hummingbird moth. The thing was
huge, evenly gray colored, body shaped like a hummingbirds, and was
feeding on some white flowers of some sort in the neighbors yard. This
all happened right at dusk and it took us awhile, and a pair of
binoculars, to figure out it wasn't truly a hummingbird. First time I
have ever seen one of those.

The night blooming cereus (sp?) bloomed a couple of nights ago and we
braved the mosquitoes to get outside and watch them open. Then we got
smart and moved the pot up close to the patio door and went inside to
watch. Duh, took about 20 skeeter bites to wise up.