Re: [gardeners] Re: pepper plant size

George Shirley (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 12:00:15 -0700

IIRC all pepper plants, like tomato plants, are actually perennials,
generally in their home turf Mexico and south. I've seen jalapeno plants
six feet tall and several years old in south Texas in a protected corner
and have a Longhorn plant that will be two years old in January, if it
makes it, growing in my garden. You will probably need to feed it and
keep it well watered if you keep it in the house under the lights. No
reason you can't keep it healthy and replant it in your garden next
How about some comments from you folks in zones 10 and 11.


Thomas Giannou wrote:
> Hi,  I'm new to this particular list service, and I have an unusual plant
> growing in my living room and have a few questions...
> What I did is plant a green bell pepper plant in early June of 98 and I
> inoculated it with a teaspoon of mycorrhiza fungi.  I live in a zone 5 area
> here in Spokane, Wa.  Usually, green peppers don't grow well here, but with
> mycorrhiza fungi present, I got four "safeway sized" peppers the first of
> August.  We left one on the plant and it turned red and then we picked and
> ate it.  I love peppers!  Next year, I'll be growing more for sure!
> Anyway, after harvesting the four peppers, the plant continued to grow and
> it blossomed again.  September this year was nice weather and by the time
> the first of October came, there were a lot of peppers on that plant.   Here
> it is October 17, and we have had quite a few evening frosts.  After the
> first frost, I decided to dig the pepper plant up and bring it into the
> house and put a couple of grow lights on it.  It lost a few leaves due to
> that first frost, but now is doing great.
> After all that... finally my question is getting closer...  the plant has a
> 3/4 inch thick stock and it now stands 32 inches high and has 15 green bell
> peppers growing on it.  It sucks up about a quart of water per day.  It's
> roots fill a pot 10 inches wide and 9 inches deep.  There has to be some
> experience out there with green bell peppers... has anyone seen a green bell
> pepper plant like that before?
> Best Regards,
> Thomas Giannou