Re: [gardeners] Re: a hardy Pampas grass

George Shirley (
Sat, 17 Oct 1998 16:28:43 -0700

Miz Anne and I were going over to Splendora, Texas to see the grandkids
about 2 months ago. On Highway 105 out of Sour Lake, Texas there's a
house with Pampas Grass planted solid across the front property line. I
told Miz Anne to remind me to check that Pampas grass on the way back as
I could have sworn I saw some that was almost a bright orange. We
stopped on the way back and the plumes were a bright orange. The plants
on either side of those folks drive way had had the plumes spray painted
fluorescent orange. The gentleman who lived there said it was to let
people know where the driveway was. Got a good laugh out of that one.

George wrote:
> Hi Cynthia, I have 3 clumps of pampas. The original is now 6 years old and is
> covered with wonderful cream plumes right now. I have 2 more, planted 3 years
> ago and this is the first year they have done anything. To my surprise the
> plumes are a delicate shade of pink.
> A word of warning, pampas gets very large and the leaves are downright
> dangerous as they will give you a very nasty cut so don't plant them to near a
> pathway.
> Mary in FRance.