[gardeners] Re: pine needles for mulch

SECK138@aol.com (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 09:33:39 EDT

I have gone into heavily wooded pine tree areas and raked pine needles, bagged
them and brought them home as mulch.  In the south, they use a heavier pine
needle the same way we use pine bark mulch in Massachusetts.  We have so many
pine trees and needles that we rake and throw away that the garden centers
probably figured that we would not buy pine needles.  I had a bad experience
with pine bark mulch.  It came with termites and scale.  Must have been the
bark of an infested tree.  I have never gotten rid of either since.   Prior to
the shipment we had never had a problem.  You can tell if you have termites by
leaving a piece of wood buried in your ground for a while.   I recommend that
if you are buying pine bark mulch only buy the treated kind.  I now use only
pine needles that are free.  
 Chris, Braintree Z6   I do have slightly acidly soil so I am adding lime.