Re: [gardeners] Re: Mycorrhiza questions...

George Shirley (
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 18:30:05 -0700

In light of your commercial interests Thomas it may be best if the
mycorrhiza thread stops here. Especially as it seems headed for a little
flaming. If anyone is interested in more information contact Thomas
direct. Otherwise, Thomas is done discussing his product on this list.

George Shirley

Thomas Giannou wrote:
> Cathrine wrote:
> >  There's nothing wrong with anecdotal reporting. But it's just that:
> self-reporting of your personal experiences in your individual plot of land.
> The fact that you have a commercial interest in the outcome further clouds
> your abilities to observe and report without bias, however unconscious that
> bias may be. The old saw about how lab results are 'corrupted' when the
> investigator stirs the pot with his/her own finger applies.
> >
> Sorry, but that logic doesn't hold.  When you grow your own tomato's.. etc.,
> and save the best varieties and then say to someone else this has served me
> well, then you are saying you are now biasing your results because you are
> interested in the outcome of what you have done to cause good tomato's (or
> whatever plant) to excell.  If what you just said is true, then what I just
> wrote is true.
> Catharine writes:
> >All that being said, I do believe in mycorrhiza innoculation for specific
> crops. I just don't support posts that promote the self-interests of the
> author who is also acting as a sales agent for the product. You don't have
> to put a URL in a signature line to be guilty of advertising on a
> non-advertising mailing list imho.
> Catharine, Atlanta/zone 7b
> Response:
> In other words, you feel it is just fine to sit there and define my motives
> as YOU see fit no matter what I think or say.  Again, that is faulty
> reasoning.  I have made no attempt to sell anything here.  I HAVE been
> sharing about results I have been getting in my own garden so others can
> learn about these things.  This stuff was new to me as of April of this year
> and I've been reading and studying about it and doing my own quasi-research
> and getting results.  As a matter of fact, in talking with several
> mycologists, I have discovered some things others had no clue even
> existed... which makes it even more exciting for me.  Sorry, but I don't
> agree with your reasoning in this matter.
> Best Regards,
> Thomas Giannou