Re: [gardeners] Re: Potatoes/New Zealand Spinach

George Shirley (
Wed, 21 Oct 1998 12:22:22 -0700

Taste is similar, at least to me. I'm also a spinach fan and have grown
both the NZ and Malabar varieties. Malabar is probably closer to the
real spinach to my taste buds but I find the NZ variety easier to grow
and a bit more versatile.


Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
> Hi George,
>     Thanks for that tip about the NZ Spinach. I had never grown it or seen it
> grown. It had been recommended in some literature from the Extension Service,
> so I thought I'd try it. How close to regular spinach is it? Son #3 is a big
> fan of spinach. Disappointed that spinach does not do well here. He told me
> that he didn't know that there was anything I couldn't grow. He's a good son!
>     Allen
>     Bastrop Co.,Tx
>     Zone 8
> George Shirley wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > We use pine needles for a mulch under our blueberries and the azaleas,
> > partially for the acidic boost and mostly because they mat good and stay
> > there.
> >
> > Allen, our garden runs slightly acidic, about 6.5 pH and New Zealand
> > spinach grows like a weed for us. Very good lightly steamed, freezes
> > well, and dehydrates very well. I usually dry about a gallon container
> > for winter use, ie soups and stews. Put it somewhere it can climb or run
> > along the ground and just pick the leaves as you need them. It's
> > supposed to be a perennial but I just found that out this year so will
> > plant along the fence where it's out of the way.
> >
> > George