Re: [gardeners] butter

Gayle Fields (
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 21:07:10 -0700

You got me going,girl!! The prices in Canada come about 2 weeks after
the States.  Will stop off to pick up butter tomorrow after school. 
Don't use it very often except on spaghetti squash and for the heavenly
shortbreads for Christmas.  Actually keep some in the fridge for my
father who is 81 years old and does not like rice without it or potatoes
or lobster or broccoli.  Hey, that is what daughters are for.  If taken
occasionally - it is better than margarine.  He has a low cholesterol
count so he gets what he wants.!!

On the topic of gardening - I can't believe that I still have clematis
blooming and even some left over runner beans.  Go figure!  Are we in to
something later that we will pay for??


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