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Ah gees Allen - guess I won't qualify for Honorary Southron Lady, Order of the Steel Magnolia cause I'm not a cornbread fan.  You forgot to mention grits.  Thought that was a definite prerequisite to being a Southron Lady.  

Have never tried broccoli leaves.  I don't grow it and when you buy it in the stores they remove the leaves.  Neighbour does so must try some of hers next year.

I will buy some collard seeds and try them next year.  I love greens and most veggies.  Am also going to try growing some curly endive (escarole) and celeriac next year.   Celeriac salad is very common in France and often used like we use a side dish of coleslaw.  Yummy.  Mary, if you read this, do you grow it or prepare the salad.

Have you or anyone else tried growing celeriac?  Any words of advice?  I see them listed in Johonny's and Pinetree catalogues.

Thanks for the info on your harvesting methods Allen.  Looking forward to next spring already.


Penny Nielsen
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>>> Allen and Judy Merten <> 10/27 10:51 PM >>>
Hi Penny,
    Collards taste like collards. They are very mild when picked young. I pick the inner leaves and let the outer leaves get huge. They produce enough energy to keep the plant making new tender leaves. Periodically I cut off the old outer leaves and let the next set of leaves above them to become the outer leaves. Sometimes the
older original leaves get ratty looking, that's why I replace them. Actually the taste of collards is similar to the leaves of Broccoli in flavor. I like raw Broccoli leaves in a salad. Sometimes I cook the leaves. When you fix Collard Greens, use as little water as possible. I actually steam them until almost done and then put the
leaves in the pot liquor for a few minutes, then drain them and serve. Goes great with ham or pork chops and cornbread with butter and honey or gravy. Killer stuff. If you eat and enjoy this we'll have to make you an Honorary Southron Lady, Order of the Steel Magnolia.
    The thing about eating Greens is that they are so good for you from the vitamins to the cancer risk reducing factor for colon and below. Most greens are said to be an aquired taste. I aquired mine at Great-Grandmas, Grandmas, and Moms tables.
    I always look forward to the Fall Garden with all the Cole family, Collards, Mustard, Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Kohl Rabi, Turnips, umm umm. I'm a country boy to the bone.
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