Re: [gardeners] OT: Guess what?

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 15:00:31 -0500

Hi Pat.  Congrats!!   My kids would die for the same chance you
have!  Go and have a good time!  Right now is a great time
to go.  Too soon to do any planning?

Then go about February.  It's slow even on the weekends then, and
the weather is usually nice.  When we went in Feb., we wore sweat
shirts in the morning, and put them in a locker by noon.  

Some days in Feb, you'd wear a sweatshirt all day, but it's not bad,
unless of course it's raining.  :-)

Have fun!  There are a lot of things there that interest adults too.

Coastal Carolina

>Will any of the group who is familiar with the area please tell me:
>when is a good time of the year to visit Disney World (the one in 

>Somewhat reluctantly attending the opening of a new store in our 
>near-by town, my NGP gave me a quizzical look when I filled out a 
>"Win a Prize" ticket.

>And learned today that he won the Grand Prize! A trip to Disney 
>World; airfare, hotel, the whole works. Now the people want to 
>know *when* we want to go.

>Advice, anyone?
>Pat in Texas