Re: [gardeners] OT: Guess what?

Virginia Prinns (
Wed, 04 Nov 1998 19:46:11 -0800

Pat,  Go mid-week.  As early in the AM as possible.  You actually can get 
in an hour earlier than the hordes by getting a special ticket.  -Ask 
your Travel agent.  Don't go on any US or Canadian holiday.  Don't go 
during any school holidays.   WRITE DOWN THE AREA WHERE YOU PARK!!!!
Don't miss Epcot.  You can also have a tour of the -quite amazing - 
nurseries where the plantings are grown on. This is the best part of the 
whole thing in my opinion.  Again, have to ask your TA.  If he/she 
doesn't know about this dig around the Disney web sites till you find 
some info about this.  This really is a 'don't miss' part of Disney World 
for all gardeners.  Has to be pre-arranged.  It helps if you are 
connected to your local Hort. Soc. or some other gardening group.

Cheers  Ginny in Prince George BC - Zone 2 
> Pat:  congrats on winning a trip to Disney World!! Ray and I went last
> January - happened to hit it on their coldes day of the year!  But the
> crowds were small!!
>         Wish I could have said the same thing for Greece!!!