Re: [gardeners] 100 pounds of apples!

George Shirley (
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 14:23:53 -0800

Check out some of the recipe sites on the net. Many have preserving
recipes and methods for sauce and pie filling. Pie filling usually takes
something called Clear Jell A that can be bought in some areas on the
shelf or over the net. If all else fails post a message on newsgroup and you will be deluged with recipes and

George, who wishes apples grew this far south

Gayle Fields wrote:
> Well, it continues to be cold and snowy.  Dad and I went to the Farmer's
> Market yesterday and I came home with 100 pounds of MacIntosh apples -
> couldn't resist the price at $10 for all.  Thought I would can up some
> sauce and pie filling.  Anyone have some different recipes?
> Gayle
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