[gardeners] Green Eggplant (was: In the garden)

Sullivan Peggy (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 09:54:42 -0500

George writes:
>...[snip]... The Louisiana Long Green eggplant has set new fruit and I
>hope it stays warm enough for them to get some size on them. 

Ever since I left Louisiana I have been looking for seeds for green eggplant.
I have found the usual purple in many shapes, also white, pink, etc. but no green.  
Is green eggplant a Louisiana only phenomenon?  Are seeds available?

I should introduce myself since this is my first message on this list. I have
been gardening (first vegetables, then herbs, then other perennials, then fruit
bushes and trees ... its hard to stop once you start) for more than 20 years.
I started out gardening in Baton Rouge, then upstate NY, then Indiana, and now I'm 
in NE Pa.  

We had our first hard freezes last week -- finally doing in the peppers, tomatoes,
eggplant, cosmos, salvia, etc.  Spent the weekend cleaning up the vege garden --
only the swiss chard and brussel sprouts still going strong.  At this time of year
we empty the compost bins onto the vege garden before refilling them with the leaves
falling from our trees and blowing into the yard from the neighbors.  I hate hauling 
compost, but I love what it does to the garden.

Peggy Sullivan, pickling the last of the jalepenos, in NE Pa. Zone 5