[gardeners] Home again

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 16:02:34 -0800

Got home about 3:10 pm today from our daughters place. Sleepy slept all
the way home as she was ragged out from the giant grandchildren chasing
and wanting to play with her. We have two grandsons over six feet tall
and the eldest granddaughter is now at five feet six inches and growing.
An old peoples dog didn't know what to think of three rowdies.

Our daughter fixed a great meal of turkey, cornbread dressing, fresh
green beans from our garden, cukes and broccoli from our garden, and
mashed potatoes from store potatoes. She did grow the sweet potatoes
herself as that was the only crop she had that survived both the drought
and the later flooding at her place in Texas. I took her a single lemon
off my old Ponderosa lemon tree and she made me a nice lemon meringue
pie from scratch. Delicious, like it better than the chocolate bourbon
pie or the pumpkin pie. I had also baked up a couple of loaves of bread
to take and had gotten the turkey with points at our supermarket.

Friends had given me a batch of dwarf azaleas and this morning we
planted twelve of them around the daughters deck. The granddaughter was
taken a loquat tree I had grown from seed and she decided to plant it in
a bigger pot until next year as they are thinking of moving.

We had a great time with lots of good food, good fun, and family love.
Still, it's also good to be home again after the 2.5 hour drive each
way. I think we'll do Xmas again as I am beginning to fear the long
drive to Houston and back.

George, weary but happy and life really is good