Re: [gardeners] Big Max, Little Max??

Barb Rothenberger (
Sat, 05 Dec 1998 06:04:48 -0600

Gayle:  I had to have 800 tulip bulbs and 200 daffodil bulbs planted at a
landscape client's home.  We bent a bulb planter, the clay was so hard, but
when I bought one of the augers, it really did work great and we were able
to plant (myself and two teen age boys) all those bulbs in two afternoons
after school.  They worked great for us!

At 07:08 AM 12/4/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Good morning everyone.  Last night I saw an advertisement on the T.V.
>for "Big Max and Little Max".  They are attachments you put on your
>drill for planting.  They are like little augers that you attach, drill
>into the soil, and then put the plant in the hole.  I thought they
>looked pretty useless unless used in very well tilled soil (then why
>would they be needed?) and it you ever hit a rock with one I could see
>some damage to wrists etc.  Anyone else see these ads?
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