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Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:43:43 -0500

Liz wrote:

I'm interested in finding a flavorful, non-bitter eggplant that produces
largeish fruit.  Eggplant in my area stayed expensive throughout
this year and I am certainly not going to let another year go by
without growing some.  Any suggestions for a suitable variety?

Somebody suggested Neon...I'll second that. It's good and a gorgeous color.
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange offers an heirloom Italian variety I grew
last year that was the most beautiful eggplant I've ever seen. Also the most
tender. Name is escaping me at moment....fruit looks like marble, lavender
striations over cream background. Name is something along the lines of
Listana Gianda (that's close but not it).

Can anyone who has grown cutting celery comment on whether it's
worth the effort to grow?

It's worth the effort in Atlanta....our heat and humidity makes growing
conventional celery somewhat difficult. Cutting celery does very well, on
the other hand. The taste is pretty strong raw, but it's wonderful to use in
soups and making stock.

Does anyone know of a source for
some of the more unusual Indian veggies and spices?  Seems like
sources for Far Eastern veggies and herbs are everywhere but I
haven't found any good sources for Indian produce.

Willhote Seed in Texas has a large selection of Indian veggies....tomatoes,
eggplants, greens, etc. Reason: Indian climate is similar to conditions in
south Texas. Their catalog is very good. They also have more varieties of
watermelon than anybody. Also try Redwood and Hudson.

I don't even want to think about tomatoes.

Hey, you gotta think about 'maters <bg>. Southern Exposure is bringing out a
bunch of new heirlooms from trips to Russia. Ditto High Altitude
Gardens--their new catalog lists a bunch of new Siberians.