Re: [gardeners] Have you grown these?

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 09:41:45 -0700

As I recall prior to the outbreak of my email woes, Liz identified the
Kari leaves as large. Murraya koenegii leaves are tiny.  That wouldn't
be it, AFAIK.  Margaret L

Sullivan Peggy wrote:

> About eggplant: when I lived in Louisiana we got seedlings for
> green egggplants at the local hardware store -- reputed to be
> less bitter than the purple -- you might try to fond seeds
> for those.
> About curry leaves: Julie Sahni in her Classic Indian Cooking
> identifies Kari Leaves (or Meethe Neam ke Patte) as the leaves
> of the plant Murraya koenigii which seems to be a shrub or
> small tree in the tropics.  Deni Brown's Encyclopedia of Herbs
> mentions it and gives some cultivation information.  My friends
> from Southeren India use the fresh leaves in their cooking.
> The folks at Well-Sweep Herb Farm in NJ (908) 852-5390 sell
> plants and have some impressive specimens in their greenhouse
> they use in propagation.  Maybe some day the one I bought from
> them will grow up to look like its parent.  Now I am just hoping
> it will make it through the winter inside.  I have bad luck
> overwintering things.
> Peggy in NE Pa., zone 5, where the nighttime temperatures are
> finally falling below freezing again -- but no sign of snow or
> even any significant amount of badly needed rain.