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Vladimir Vl. Zachov (
Thu, 24 Dec 1998 17:01:30 +0200

I`m on this list also, but mostly reading and staying silent.


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> Subject: [gardeners] Intro
> Date: четвъвтък, 24 Декември, 1998 16:52
>   Someone on the Gardens list told me about this Gardeners list so I
> thought I would drop in and check it out.
>    I haven't even received my first post yet but thought I would tell you
> about myself.
> I live in Central Oklahoma's zone 7a in the Meeker, Sparks, Prague area.
> claim Prague as the hometown part. We have a 680 acre Limousin cattle
> and we homeschool my 15.11 year old son. I like a garden but wasn't until
> last year my hubby found room on all the land to do one. So what do I
> Last summers drought! Well maybe next year will be better. I have a weed
> room that last year only got down to about 40*F. Already this year we hit
> 29 in there and I had my plants get zapped. I was sick!Wwe now have a
> electric stove in it but I don't know if I can replace some of the
> Just a sick looking plant room.
>    How many current gardens list people are on her also and how many past
> gardens members?
> bsk